Thursday, February 2, 2012

The 5 Blocks that Hold us Back

Often, we don't take action on a goal because of a small, tiny block.

The 5 Fears that Hold us Back:

1. Not knowing where to start -- When you feed your mind a vague goal like "Become an actor" there are no tangible actions to DO, so you get stuck. How the heck do you "become an actor?" Of course you need a master plan of specific do-able goals, laid out over the course of many weeks.

2. Fear of success
-- Our ego doesn't like change. And success is a change. Maybe you'll lose touch w/ your best friends and family? Maybe the bar will be set too high, and it'll be exhausting to keep achieving? Maybe you'll get a big head and lose touch with yourself. Maybe being in the spotlight will open you up to criticism that you're shielded from now?

3. Fear of failure
-- Once again, our ego hates change. Failure hurts, and it makes you question your value, it can change how others view you, and it can affect your relationships and reputation. Enough said.

4. Fear of becoming someone else
-- When you're looking at becoming the best version of yourself, you will see yourself differently. This is a big change to deal with and brings up questions like "Do I deserve to be this amazing new person?" Part of you may gravitate towards old, destructive habits, because the shiny new version of yourself may seem intimidating, or even unauthentic.

5. Fear of losing something
-- Getting something always means giving something up. I can't hand you a present, without you first having two empty hands to grab it with. I can't give you a promotion, without you having to give up your previous job title. I can't introduce you to the love of your life, without you giving up on hope of making it work with your last ex. For goals, fear of losing free time is a big one -- we picture that promotion coming with endless work and no time for loved ones.

Knowing which block you've got makes it SO much easier to address -- and there are plenty of strategies for addressing ALL five of the above fears. These really are a small tiny block -- which only FEELS huge -- and once you identify it, you can deal w/ it easily.

We ALL have these fears. It's knowing how to address them that matters. My coaching can really help with this, with a 1-hour a week session that keeps you on track.

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