Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Set Yourself Free From the Chains of Fake Fear

Fake fear makes you feel TERRIFIED

If you feel deeply terrified of something (switching jobs, dating, starting a business, being alone, failing -- ANYTHING), then chances are you are dealing with FAKE FEAR, versus a realistic assessment of what's possible.

The truth won't make you feel terrified. It's just there, as a calm truth.

So feel your deepest terrors.
Are you afraid of losing all your money? Being fired and losing your house? Being left by your boyfriend or girlfriend? Losing your health benefits? Being alone? Not getting the job you want?

LIST your fears, and analyze if they are actually TRUE, or if you've created artificial walls and barriers. Pull down those barriers and you become free. The truth will set you free (from these fake fears) -- you are FREE to do anything with your life.

But only if you remove the temporary walls you've put up.

I challenge you to boldly rip down those walls of fear, and to walk out with freedom towards what you TRULY want in life. I challenge you to do it.

You can see ANY situation from hundreds of viewpoints. So CHOOSE the viewpoint that aligns with the outcome you want to create.

You want to start a business? Then believing that all businesses FAIL is going to doom YOU to fail. It simply isn't true. Some businesses succeed. YOU CAN succeed. This new belief creates FREEDOM to create the result you want -- a successful business.

But if you STOP at the fake fear, you never break through to the result you actually WANT. And you live in the chains of fake fear, which tie you to the wrong things and make you unhappy. Cut the chains. Face the fears (list them), address if they ARE thoughts that will RESULT in the OUTCOME you want, or not. If not, CHANGE THEM.

I challenge you to do it today. You are the only one who can set yourself free, by seeing what is TRUE.

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