Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What are your top goals? (for the near future)

What are your TOP GOALS??

If you're like most people, you probably want to get in great shape for the summer! And that's a great do-able goal to have. But you might have a whole LIST of other goals on your mind. Write out your own GOAL LIST for the next few months, to focus you in on achieving what you WANT most.

To inspire you, here are some fun goals my client's are working on: (taken from a bunch of clients to protect their privacy). Are any of these goals your OWN goals too?

1) meeting the love of his/her life -- a legit soul-mate.
2) quitting the FT job and working as a financial trader full-time
3) moving to a foreign country (without already knowing the language!)
4) launching a brand new business (several ideas are on the table -- and learning to work from home without losing motivation)
5) expanding an existing business (let's not struggle, and how about a million dollars? why not?)
5) standing up to family and negative friends/avoiding negativity at the water cooler
6) making more friends who are also entrepreneurs (especially more local friends)
7) starting a family(soon!)
8) getting completely out of debt (for once and for all)
9) building up savings to start a family someday
10) getting in great shape for the summer -- hello six pack!
11) breaking into the fashion industry in NYC
12) learning Italian
13) finding the perfect Upper East Side apartment
14) going on more dates/getting more emails at online dating sites
15) getting on a reality show
16) making more single friends
17) make more couple friends
18) asking for a raisein the medical industry
19) leaving a successful career to find a more fulfilling career -- discovering it! A career that uses strengths.
20) finding more quality "marriage" type of women in Manhattan
21) building a house (designing the blue print!)
22) becoming financially independent -- no more pressure from the rents paying the rent!
23) moving to Manhattan
24) stopping emotional eating
25) becoming more confident as far as work/career and dating/relationships

How many of these goals are you OWN goals too? Write out your GOAL LIST for the near future. Then, next to each item, write a small task you can do to get started.

For example:
1) Lose 5 pounds. (task: google healthy recipes and print out tasty looking ones!)

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