Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Want more success and happiness?

Want more success and happiness? STOP ignoring your feelings. When you dismiss your feelings, you dismiss YOURSELF. LISTEN. Ask "how do you feel?" and "why? What happened? Why are you upset?" Listen. What is the message? Ask "What do you need?" And then take action to meet whatever need that is. Taking a small action will make a HUGE difference in how you feel today. Try it!

Most of us (especially my CEOs and business clients), feel they THRIVE on ignoring and dismissing their feelings, to stay "logical." Just the OPPOSITE happens actually! The more you bottle feelings, the more likely it is that they'll result in rage, sobbing fits, rude comments to others, passive aggressiveness, etc. You LOSE control of your emotions when you bottle them. Deal with your feelings on your own, and you'll be in control of how you handle situations with others.

My client today was a good example. A very successful and logical woman, she'd felt for over 10 years a need to "nest" and feel "settled." She'd ignored this feeling, until she got to such an unhappy point she could no longer stand it. Yet, she still wanted to bottled it. "Let me get this emotion out real quick, and then we can disregard it," were close to her words. It should have been, "Let's discover this feeling real quick, so we can use the vitally important message it's sending."

The message her emotion of sadness was sending? She needed to feel nested and secure in her environment. A valid need! So we brainstormed a few ways she could created this TODAY. She came up with the idea of buying a very nice scented candle, as a start. After that? Perhaps buying a home would be next.

Listening to your emotions opens you up to a wealth of information on how to better meet your short-term and long-term needs. This enables you to weave these factors into your overall approach for your career, business, relationships and life.

This creates a life that FEELS fulfilled, versus empty and lacking -- regardless of outward appearances. A person can make a million dollars a year, be married, have kids, be a supermodel, and be MISERABLE if the aren't fulfilled by their life. As miserable as you would imagine a homeless person with no money, friends, or possessions to feel -- unfilled is a feeling that is not related to what you own, how you look, your accomplishments, etc. It's a sign that your life is misaligned. You are on the wrong path. No matter how much you'd LIKE this to be your path, it ISN'T and you've gotta let go of it. Get on the RIGHT PATH for you, and you'll feel bliss and thrive, finding success greater than you could ever imagine.

Success is not: what others think, outer appearances, what your parents want you to do, what the neighbors want you to do, what you saw on TV.

Success is:
feeling what's right for you, discovering your strengths, finding the RIGHT path for you and WALKING down it (despite any fears you may have had), inner wisdom, learning from your mistakes, meeting your true self, and meeting the life that is yours, and watching your DREAMS unfold and become reality. Meeting your future; the one you are meant for.

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