Monday, April 4, 2011

If you accept the status quo and mediocrity...

If you accept the status quo and mediocrity, that's exactly what you'll get. Make conscious decisions. Stick to them, even if you have to fight for it. This is the DIFFERENCE between being happy and being anything else.

Do you want to die having hated 85 percent of your life? That's the path the MAJORITY of us are on. Change it. You can ENJOY and live your life. Or you can choose not to. This is a CHOICE.

You wouldn't imagine how many rich, beautiful and famous people are bitter. Miserable. Feeling thrown around by life and out of control. WHY? Because they don't make conscious decisions. This means they feel they have no control. And they don't. They're at the MERCY of whoever or whatever is around. "Bob said I had to, so I did." Or "I felt pressured, and my manager wanted me to." Or "My dad wants me to."


You give up control and power by choice. Are you giving up yours?

Take it back.

This is how:

1. Ponder what you want. What feels right and full of integrity? What doesn't? Are you afraid something is too difficult and you might fail? Are you flip-flopping or blowing in the wind? That's a sign you need to show yourself your own STRENGTH. How about you just step up? You're stronger than you think.

2. Decide. Make a conscious decision. NO ONE forces you to do anything in life. If I put a gun to your head, you still the the choice to say "no" to my request. You have the choice to knock the gun out of my hand. You have the choice to do and think anything you'd like. USE IT, or else you are truly powerless, because you've decided to be. And you've crippled yourself.


These are big and small decisions you make daily. Some examples:

*I will go for this new job, even if it's hard.
*I will tell Samantha "no." Even if I want to change my mind.
*I will start my business no matter how difficult. I'll make the first phone call today.
*I promised Matt I'd help him move, and I will show up Saturday no matter what.
*I'm going to move to_____.
*I'm not going to spend the $500 for that dress, because I want to get out of debt.
*I'm going to eat this apple instead of that fried twinkie.
*I'm afraid if I tell Kelly the truth, she won't want to be friends with me -- but I'm going to tell her the truth. If she's a true friend, she still will be in my life.

Conscious decisions are about 1) deciding what you want, and 2) DOING IT. Even if it feels uncomfortable, scary or makes you feel afraid.

When you do this, you PROVE to yourself that you are living with integrity, that you are POWERFUL and strong. The proof is in the pudding. If you're letting other people down (and most importantly, yourself) then you are not living with integrity.

You are being swept along in the ocean. You have a surf board, but you are choosing to not use it. The waves are beating you up and carrying you wherever they'd like.


Say no. Say yes. But decide clearly, and stick to it 100 percent.

It will completely change your life, and you will craft a successful, fulfilled life you enjoy if you do this. YES, IT'S CHALLENGING -- duh. But it's worth it.

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Gurmit said...

Thank you for sharing this valuable information. As I make big changes and come to new realizations, I learn that it doesn't matter if my decisions are good enough for someone else. What really matters is what I make of it. I'm reminded of a saying that goes something like this "it's not the quantity of years that count in life; it's the quality in those years." To me, being in control of life means also having the courage to go against what most people are led to believe and being different. I almost started to believe that I was strange for having my different views but now I cherish them as I celebrate my own uniqueness. It's no fun living a life out of anyone's influence other than your own. However, I also learned that it doesn't mean to be a rebel without a cause either=) Thanks Julie; it's always such a great gift to be able to learn from you.